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Our Family's Dream to Travel the World

This year (February 2020) we started our journey around the world.

Clearly we didn’t get to far – yet. Thanks Covid-19!

Instead of jetsetting speedily across Asia, into Istanbul and over to Europe to walk the Camino de Santiago, we have enjoyed the period of Covid hanging out in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

I’m excited to share our journey with you. From February hubby and I will make all our income from online sources. It’s an exciting road ahead for us (and it’s taken me three years of learning and trying and failing to get to a place where I feel confident we can really do this).

I don’t think we’ll have to go back to square one, but if we ever do, at least we will do so with the happiness and good vibes created by knowing we have followed our hearts, dreamed our wildest dreams and gone forward to do it despite it being totally the opposite of normal!

Enjoy this journey with us. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll put as much up as I can. Little by little, day by day, this will grow.

Recent Adventures

We departed Australia on 11 February 2020. We managed to squeeze in a one month roady in New Zealand, travelling from Queenstown to Auckland. From there we headed to Vietnam early in March. Just in time for the crazy times to begin. In Vietnam we have visited Saigon, lived in Hoi An and An Bang Beach and visited Hanoi a few times while exploring the best of Northern Vietnam.