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Learning While we Travel the World

We are so happy and grateful that we are all learning while we travel the world. This was a huge motivator for us taking our kids to see the world. 

We learn a lot about culture, food, language and history as we visit sites and meet people. Sometimes the conversations we have with new friends on the road prove to be more valuable than any kind of education our kids could've been getting in a classroom. The world is an amazing place and there is no shortage of opportunity for all our family members to learn as we go along.

Here are our favourite online learning options

Younger learners

We have a few books with us as we travel. But it's not the easiest to travel with an entire suitcase for us. So here are our favourite learning tools we enjoy with our youngest, Elijah. 

DuoLingo ABC (free - no Ads)

This app is so simple and easy. There are no ads and the basic set up makes it easy and enjoyable to learn letters and sounds. We usually use this for between 3 and 5 minutes a day and Elijah loves it. 

Download Duolingo ABC for Apple

Download Duolingo ABC for Android

Khan Academy Kids (free - no Ads)

This is our family favourite for learning online. Sal Khan has done an incredible job of pulling together practical education topics that cover most educational curriculums. While I'm not entirely sold on packing our kids out with unnecessary education, this is a great place for children of any age to pick up a bit of knowledge.

Elijah uses this app for about 5 minutes a day, this one is his favourite! 

Download Khan Academy Kids (Apple, Android or Amazon) 

Other Apps and Websites We've Used Before for Younger Learners

Reading Eggs

This is a program we used with our older two while they were back in school. It isn't free but it's another great app to have on your device for early readers.

Download or use Reading Eggs


This is another paid system that works on the Australian Curriculum. It was a good all round kind of system and covered a lot of different subjects. 

Check out Skoolbo - Click here

Prodigy Maths

Prodigy maths is great for kids who like gaming but not maths. We had a lot of success with this system however it can be little bit addictive and so we decided to not continue with it. It can be really good to get some foundations for a really resistant learning though. 

Click here

All ages

We use as a free resource for touch typing practice. The kids use this for about 10-15 minutes a day as this is a valuable skill to have for anyone! 

Click here

Another touch typing resource you can try is We haven't used this personally, but it's also free and recommended by other families travelling.

Writing resource


My daughter loves Pobble. It's something that she has used on and off to get writing ideas since she was at school (over four years ago now). 

Click here to try Pobble (it's free)

Coding resources (free)

Early learning Elijah has really enjoyed following YouTube tutorials and building games using Scratch. This can entertain him for a solid hour, and the skills he's developing are valuable. This is well worth checking out if you have a young one who wants to get started coding (Elijah started when he was 6). My three older children all enjoy learning with Grasshopper app This was referred to me by a friend at work. I work in tech, so it must be good. It goes through basics and slowly progresses to help children gradually add skills. We'll keep working on it and I'll update in the coming months how they go with it. 

Beginner/Mid level experience or older children that would like a challenge This is another excellent resource to get you up and running on Python. You'll be able to save everything you create so you have a portfolio to show prospective employers! This is programming on rust. It's an upcoming language where you can leverage the early stages of crypto development. Plenty of opportunity here and lots of opportunity for remote work now and into the future. 

Adult and tweens and teens 

My daughter (13) is currently taking her first art class on So far, she really enjoys it and is interested to enroll in other classes. 

MasterClass My daughter took classes by Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. She also took a fashion class and really enjoyed these. I took the negotiation class and learned a lot about communication. It's a great resource for learning, however it is not a free resource.

Caleb Maddix

Khan Academy


Mango Languages


Personal Growth and Business


Scribd (read or listen for 60 days free)

Creating a Book Business with Kary Oberbrunner

Other sites and Resources

Wordle - It's slightly addictive if you enjoy words

Kahoot app

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