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I am recommitting to this blog. So thank you immensely for being here!

I have so much to write and tell you all about. I don’t even know where to start again. I’d like to force myself back to Phu Quoc, where we fell into island life. And everything work-related fell out of my life!

Then we moved back to An Bang beach. Our kids got involved with the worldschooling hub, I was working on our passive income streams and the blog started to grow cobwebs. 

Since the beginning of the year it feels like life is a mix of full-throttle, and doing nothing. I haven’t yet achieved the balance that will help us to create a successful blog (YET). I’ve also been overwhelmed on social media. I spent a good portion of my time earlier in the year on our Instagram. I was really enjoying it because I’d created a little process. But once we moved to An Bang, time vanished and I felt a little bored (am I allowed to say that?). We were back in a routine. I felt like we didn't really have much of interest to share. We’d run out of savings. We were trying to minimise spending and trying to find a way to save up again so we could move on to the European part of our adventure. 

I had moments where I wondered if we had totally messed up. Some days I looked at the bank balance and freaked out. I knew there was not enough to buy flights to go home. Or go anywhere. It was a surreal feeling. But somehow it wasn’t stressful. We just knew it would all work out. These are some of the things I feel like I need to write about for you. So you can see what our life was really like then. And how much it’s changed and transformed in the past three months. I also want to be transparent about our Forex opportunity. Some of you might wonder why I don’t actively promote it anymore. And there is a lot to go into that post. I wonder some days, should I take down the Instagram highlight about it? But I have nothing to hide there. And if things end up going badly, I will be totally honest about it. So far, it is still running, it supported us financially from January to May 2021. I can’t say anything horrible about it. I just wouldn’t recommend people put too much into it because I cannot ever promise that we won’t wake up tomorrow and the platform is gone. 

I’ll go into this side a little more in a dedicated post. I really only came to this conclusion after seeing more transparency and becoming deeply involved in the crypto industry. There is a lot for me to explain to help people make the right decisions when evaluating what to invest in!

I’ve also got my post about flying throughout the pandemic. I want to tell you all about our crazy adventure trying to leave Vietnam (just getting out of our province was an absolute nightmare) and our smooth arrival in Turkey. 

There is so much for me to share. I have so many words in my head. They are much better to be on the blog. So bare with me as I write. It might be a bit back and forwards for a while. I really need to find a mountain location where I can stare out the window for a month while I type it all out!!

Please feel free to message me with any questions or suggestions. I’d be grateful to know what you’d like to find out next!

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