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The Danang Family Food Guide 

We stayed in Danang ten nights, so we got to try a few different food places. You might also like to see our Danang Family Travel Guide for tips on taking your family to Danang or our What you need to know about travelling to Vietnam guide.


Where to eat when we change places is something I research. Usually I put a bit of effort into it because I like to enjoy food. In Europe we had some horrible experiences eating in touristy areas (yes Rome, I'm looking at you), so we are very careful these days to look before we choose. 

Kebab Ngon

Kebab Ngon was was our kids favourite food in Da Nang and deserves to be at the top of our Da Nang Family Food Guide. I met Mitchie here and she was lovely. We ate here more than once and everyone was happy.

If you're craving some Western food, this is the best. In our three months here, we still haven't found Western food this good. We are actually over trying it because it's usually terrible ?

Rom Kitchen

Rated at #6 of 900+ restaurants in Da Nang (by TripAdvisor), and conveniently on our street, we had to give Rom Kitchen a try. We were a happy family here and we ate here more than once! I particularly enjoyed my sweet n sour pork straight out of the pineapple. 

Rom Kitchen - Danang Family Food Guide - World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box

Enjoying a sweet n sour pork out of a pineapple. Rom Kitchen, My Khe Beach, Da Nang - March 2020

The service in this place was exceptional. I felt like the staff really cared about us. They gave us a really good table for our family, and came and chatted with us to make sure everything was ok when Elijah fell asleep after eating the first night we visited. I'd definitely eat here again if we visit Danang again, it was a fantastic spot.

Ngon Ha Noi 

We chose to visit this place based on the TripAdvisor rating. However, don't follow the TripAdvisor map because it's wrong - Click here instead and see the correct location of this place. 

The food here is served on the hotplates in the centre of the tables. It's a great experience and all the lights create a really neat vibe. I'd say this would be an awesome place to work during the day too! 

Ngon Ha Noi - Danang Family Food Guide - World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box

Ngon Ha Noi, such an awesome vibe and well worth a visit - Da Nang - March 2020

At this place we ate the fish, and it was really good. There is a strange smell from the water in Danang, it is also in the food. Because of it, we didn't end up eating a lot of fish. But we really enjoyed this place. We'd planned to go back, but found Rom Kitchen and ended up going there for seconds instead. 

Apocalypse Now 

I'm recommending this place because of the view. It is directly on the beach and we visited this place twice during our time in Danang. It is great if you have kids that play on the beach because you can easily watch them from your table. We only tried pizza here, and they were better than most of the other pizzas we've tried in Vietnam. Although we haven't really tried that many because we kept having awful experiences with Western food over here! 

Apocalypse Now - World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box

Apocalypse Now - A nice beachfront spot - My Khe Beach, Da Nang - March 2020


Puna Coffee and Cakes

This place was yummy. It was a bit of a walk from where we stayed, but it was always worth it. We loved the smoothie bowls here and the coffee was the best we've had in Vietnam. I'm so grateful my kiwi friend told me to go to this place. We will go back. I hope you get to visit if you are in Danang.

Puna Coffee, Danang Family Food Guide - World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box

Puna Coffee and Cakes has some yummy smoothie bowls and coffee. Da Nang - March 2020

Roots Plant Based Cafe (Vegan)

This is the best spot for smoothie bowls. Our friends from Kiwi Family Adventures told us about this place. We got to visit during Covid restrictions, but they weren't serving them in their gorgeous coconut bowls at the time (it was takeaway only). 

I'd highly recommend checking them out if you enjoy a good smoothie bowl for breakfast! We will definitely return for a visit if we stop in Da Nang on our return to Saigon later this year.

Bikini Bottom

Before we found out about Puna, we visited Bikini Bottom. We really liked this place for the awesome art on the walls and the smoothie bowls. We also had pancakes here one morning. It's got a good variety here, but a little more expensive than Puna.

We enjoyed visiting Bikini Bottom, such neat art on the walls and good smoothie bowls. Da Nang - March 2020

There is also a Bikini Bottom in An Bang Beach. I was so excited to learn this when we were living in An Bang, but unfortunately they hadn't reopened during the time we were there. When we return later this year I hope we can try them out in An Bang! 

Danang Family Street Food Guide

We were so excited to finally be in a place we were comfortable to try the street food. Vietnam street food is amazing, and we'd read it is usually safe as long as it's fresh. We weren't brave enough to try anything in Saigon because we hadn't spent enough time there to figure out the right places to go.

But after a few days at My Khe beach, we figured out a stand we felt comfortable eating from because they only opened around 5pm and stayed for the evening. We guessed the food there would be safe as the stand wasn't sitting open all day long. 

The stand we ate at was fine, we didn't get sick and kids enjoyed the experience. Click here to get the rough location (it's actually more on the corner outside the mini mart). We also tried the Korean pancakes next door. The kids really enjoyed these and it was really neat watching them being made. I'll get Rimaha to make a video of these places soon... It's so different to anything we had seen in New Zealand or Australia!

Street food Da Nang family food guide - World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box

The kids loved these Korean pancakes we got from a stand on the road - My Khe Beach, Da Nang - March 2020

Have you been to Da Nang? Is there a place you've eaten at that needs to be on this Danang family food guide? Let me know if you have a recommendation for us to add!

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