Gosh it's been a while since I have written over here. I really want to get into more writing. I have so many stories to share, from being in the once in ten year floods in Central Vietnam, to staying in a hospital in Hue for a week! 

I am slowly working on bringing myself back to the Blog life, but I also am very passionate about moving off social media so I have more time to share my stories, write my books and hang out with my kids!! 

It is a work in progress!! 


We figured we aren't the only ones wanting to make the move off social media, so decided to slowly start building a Mighty Network community. 

I recognise that many of you might never have heard of Mighty Networks, and I also understand that yes, it is very different to the social media we are all used to. However, I decided that I am not alone in wanting something different, so it is worth making a start on something new.

With this understanding, I'm sure it will take a little time to grow, it may not grow as fast as a Facebook group, however my intention is, that people will enjoy it as it will be an easy place to connect and be free from the cluttered feeds of Facebook! 

It this is something you're looking for too, come and join us by clicking on one of the links below:

To sign up to Mighty Networks and join via your Facebook login, click here

To sign up to Mighty Networks and join via your LinkedIn login, click here

To sign up to Mighty Networks and join using your email address, click here

My vision for this community is it will be a place we can come together to ask questions and share our stories. We can encourage and connect with others nearby and get loads of value. 

I trust that if you've made it this far, moving off Facebook might be something you are looking to do too, so I look forward to meeting you soon!! 

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