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Banking Solutions for Nomads

We knew we would be dealing with a lot of different currencies on our travels so I did some research to find the best traditional banking solutions for nomads. This is what we have put together so far. We knew we would live and work around the world so it was important to have our banking needs sorted before we left. 

Crypto - The Future of Finance

I'm going to write up a post about cryptocurrency. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but as of January, 2021 we became unbanked. We left the banking system behind and now all of our money is held in crypto accounts. I'll share more on this in a separate blog (soon). But this is where I see the future of finance and it is a fantastic place for Digital Nomads to be transacting! 

European Banking for Nomads

For the European zone I did a lot of research and found an amazing bank called N26. You need a European address, which of course I didn't have when I signed up. I used a friends German address and she forwarded my eftpos card to me while we were still residing in Australia. This seemed to be the best banking solution for our nomad family prior to arriving in Europe.

Click here to sign up for N26 with my referral code and see how easy banking can be - My referral code is melissaw8690. This means when you spend €15 with your card, I receive €15. You will also receive a referral link so you can refer your friends too.

American Business Banking

For business to business banking transactions I use Payoneer. If you sign up using my link (click here) both you and I receive $25USD when you've made $1,000 in transactions. This is an awesome service if you are an Amazon Associate or if you need to receive business income into a US bank account!! It's come in handy with many affiliate programs who can only deposit to US accounts. I have found many other nomads use this as a banking solution too.

Banking Solutions for Nomads - World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box

Australia and New Zealand Solutions for Nomads

My preferred bank any international travellers in these countries is ING! I love they reverse the ATM charges, it's awesome. I watch my savings add up monthly, so far we have saved over $1,000 AUD with these rebates. That's almost another month accommodation for us. What would that mean for you?

ING Savings - The Best Bank for Australians who travel - World Travel Ambitions

International Banking for Nomads

After living in Vietnam for a while, we started to really enjoy using Wise (formally TransferWise). It's an app that can take a little to get used to, but it creates a lot of convenience. We could easily send money from our Australian ING bang to our Australian Wise account. Then convert with a tiny fee to Vietnamese Dong (or any currency). Then it can transfer into a bank account of that currency. It's a fantastic tool and can save a lot of money! 

I love PayPal for the ease it provides. I use this where needed! Some of our affiliate income actually gets paid directly to our PayPal account. I'm also very careful with this as I have heard of other Nomads who have encountered issues with PayPal freezing their accounts. So keep this in mind when you are setting up payment options for your customers (if you are doing this) as you want to have more than one place to receive an income. Maybe you'll prefer Crypto! 

I hope these banking solutions for nomads help you a little if you are planning to travel long term. Another really useful resource is the use of a VPN. Click here to read more about VPN services, as these are also very valuable while travelling abroad.

Disclosure: Thank you for visiting our blog. Please note that I have included affiliate links in this blog. This means we earn a commission if you make a purchase with no additional cost to you. If you have any questions about the companies or our affiliate status, please feel free to e-mail us. 

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