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Hi, kia ora, hola!!

We are a blended family of five kiwis, all born in Aotearoa (New Zealand). 

My name is Melissa, I’m the mama (and the author and speaker) of our family.

Rimaha is my wonderful husband. He lovingly took on my first two children as his own and raised them with me since they were quite small. He’s our musician dad who resigned from his job as a truck driver so we could fulfil a great dream - to travel the world together. He also runs an online business where he sells a variety of things including CBD oil and Forex Trading education (click here if you'd like to have a look)

We unschool/worldschool our kids, and do our best to show our kids they can have any life they choose.

Rotorua is the place we call home, as both Rimaha (hubby/dad) and I grew up there and my eldest two children were born there and still call it home. 

Rimaha moved to Sydney, Australia in 2005. In 2006 my then partner and I also moved to Sydney, but I chose to return to Rotorua for the birth of my first child.

My eldest two children were born in Rotorua, but after leaving a toxic relationship in 2009 we moved around a lot (I've written a book about my experiences, you can learn more at my website, This means I got to live in some pretty amazing places like Papamoa and Bay of Islands. 

In 2011, my oldest two children and I moved to Bondi to live with Rimaha. We travelled to Europe in 2013 without the kids which reignited my dream to travel the world with the kids. In 2014 we got married in the beautiful Cook Islands and since then we have travelled around Australia and New Zealand many, many times.

We returned to New Zealand in May 2016 for two months for Elijah's home birth. He was born in a birthing pool in my mums garage in Auckland (in the middle of winter too). In July, Elijah took his first flight at four weeks old.

Our children are amazing. I feel so grateful to have them with us. Here is a little about our three wonderful humans.

Noah is another musician, he’s into music production (with Garageband) and he's regularly uploading his music to SoundCloud. He also enjoys flying his drone, he'd like to save and buy a Mavic drone and he's interested in drone photography.

Aaliyah is into her art. She is AMAZING at anime art and I’m encouraging her to share her work on Redbubble so she can learn how to earn an income from her skills. She has just invested into her first XP-Pen so she can draw digitally!

Elijah is our toddler. He is full on. He didn’t sleep for the first 2.5 years of life (I’m only just recovering haha). He learned to swim before he was one (he had to relearn every summer though). He walked at nine months old. He never rode a trike, he went straight to a balance bike. He didn’t want to know about a three-wheel scooter, because he wanted to be like the big kids. He first rode his pedal bike (never had training wheels) at two years old. He loves climbing trees and running.

Together, we have a mission to see the world. In February 2020, we start this journey, flying into Queenstown, New Zealand and road-tripping up the country. In March we head to Asia with a goal to spend time in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Singapore... Perhaps a bit of Thailand and Malaysia, but we will see how we go! From Singapore we are flying business class to Istanbul (thanks air point hacks - yes that was five seats for $800 - you read that correctly). We spend just under a month in the beautiful country of Turkey before heading to Germany. With a hope and a prayer that WW3 doesn’t break out before we get there!!

After Germany (dropping non-essentials to my friend) we head to France where we will commence our Camino de Santiago. My best estimate is we will walk 47 days across Spain from mid May. After that, who knows. Originally we hoped to live in Spain for a year or two. Plans have slightly shifted, so perhaps that part of the plan will happen a year down the track (after we figure out which part of Spain we actually would like to call home).

We really want to adventure all across Europe. So no plan to return home for a while yet!!!

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Awesome, chur, and thank you for following on our adventure into the unknown ??✨?✈️

World Travel Ambitions - Family Life Outside the Box - Saigon, Vietnam - March 2020

About Us

We are a blended Kiwi family of five. All born in New Zealand, we have lived abroad for most of the kids lives. Rimaha moved to Australia 15 years ago, Melissa, Noah and Aaliyah followed 10 years ago with a dream to someday travel the world. In 2020 we set off on our dream, stopping to live in Hoi An and An Bang along the way.

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We travel with World Nomads as this works best for our family. They were great help when our son had a fever right as the Coronavirus pandemic broke out!

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